TUE 2 - 9 - 2014
Kerry urges global 'coalition' to fight ISIS jihadists
Agence France Presse
DAMASCUS: US Secretary of State John Kerry has called for a global coalition to combat ISIS fighters' "genocidal agenda" after President Barack Obama admitted he had no strategy to tackle the group.
Kerry's call followed a decision by Britain to raise its terror alert level over fears of possible jihadist attacks.
The number of refugees who have fled Syria, where reb...
Libyan interim government submits resignation
Associated Press
TRIPOLI: Libya’s interim government submitted its resignation to the newly elected parliament, it said Friday, raising the possibility that a more inclusive government will be formed, while militias in the capital accepted a U.N. call for a cease-fire.
Meanwhile, Islamist militias in eastern Libya claimed to have shot down a fighter jet that had been flying over the eastern city of Bayda, broadcas...
The Arab Spring: Revolutions for Deliverance from Authoritarianism (Full Text)
Case Studies
This book is a collection of working papers and testimonies about the Arab revolutions and some of the accompanying transformations between the years 2010 and 2013 in the context of what has been termed “the Arab Spring”, presented by members and friends of the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy.

The entire region is moving toward an escape from the authoritarian paradigm, which has governed the region for many decades, and entering into a long and co...
ANSD Book cover
Emad Siyam R.I.P
With great pain and sadness, we mourn the death of our friend, colleague and co-founder of the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy, Dr. Emad Siyam.

Emad, an activist and a researcher, spent years struggling for freedom, social justice and democracy in Egypt. He was arrested and sent to jail many many times in the 80s and the 90s.

In 2005 he took part in the "Kefaya" (enough) movement demonstrations opposed to Moubarak regime, and in...
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