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‘Decisive Storm’ besieges Houthis
SANAA / ADEN / RIYADH: A coalition of regional countries led by Saudi Arabia laid siege to conflict-ridden Yemen Thursday, launching airstrikes against Houthi rebels and vowing to cut off any outside support for the Iranian-backed movement.

A coalition spokesman called the first wave of Saudi-led air raids “successful,” vowing to press on with the intervention until goals are reached.

Speaking to reporters in Riyadh, spokesman Ahmad Assi...
Regime strike in Deraa kills 22, rebels press Idlib offensive
BEIRUT: Syrian government airstrikes and shelling in the country’s south killed at least 22 people Thursday, including three children, opposition activists and a monitoring group said.

The attacks come amid heightened clashes in southern Syria between government forces and rebels who seized the nearby historic site of Busra al-Sham the previous day.

A barrel bomb struck the area of Deraa al-Balad in the city of Deraa. The Britain-based Syr...
Amnesty International Report 2014/15
The State of the World's Human Rights
The Amnesty International Report 2014/15 documents the state of the world’s human rights during 2014. Some key events from 2013 are also reported.

The foreword, five regional overviews and survey of 160 countries and territories bear witness to the suffering endured by many, whether it be through conflict, displacement, discrimination or repression. 

The Report also highlights the strength of the human rights movement, and shows that,...
Personal Notes of an International Observer on the Tunisian Legislative Elections 2014
By Nazih Darwish
This is a quick technical brief of my monitoring the Tunisian Legislative elections    (between the period of October 23 – 27) in the Tozeur district in Southern Tunisia (Tozeur City, Nefta, Tameghza, Hazoua, Degache), which consisted of 123 polling stations in 48 polling centers, and 62,175 registered voters, of which 39177 voted.

1. The Independent High Electoral Commission (L’instance Supérieure Indépendante pour les Elections: ISIE) suc...
Studies & Papers
Policy Paper: Tunisia- February 2015
Does polarization pave the way for establishing a pluralistic system? or is it merely the prelude to power struggles?
By Ahmad Karoud
During the past four years, the Middle East and North Africa, in particular the countries experiencing what is known as the “Arab Spring,” have followed very different paths in the process of transitioning from authoritarian rule to regimes more closely representing the will of the people.

The Tunisian experience in the four years following “the revolution of freedom and dignity” has been marked by seismic political and social developments, making it a subject of constant interest to observers and political analysts of the “Arab Spring” seeking to understand the causes underlying the peacefulness of the Tunisian transition.

This paper attempts to analyze the most significant developments in Tunisia in recent years, focusing on the phenomenon of severe political polarization that has dominated the various stages of the transition from decades of authoritarian rule to a nascent political regime based o...
GNRD-Amman interviewed Dr. Suleiman Sweiss on Human Rights and Development
By Sulaiman Sweiss
The Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) Amman Office continued its series of interviews with Human Rights and Development Activists. These interviews aim to acknowledge the definition of the activist in general and an activist in the Human Rights and Development field in particular, from different perspectives, highlighting the main topics related to Human Rights and Development issues in Jordan and increasing awareness on the importance of being an activist.
Emad Siyam R.I.P
With great pain and sadness, we mourn the death of our friend, colleague and co-founder of the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy, Dr. Emad Siyam.

Emad, an activist and a researcher, spent years struggling for freedom, social justice and democracy in Egypt. He was arrested and sent to jail many many times in the 80s and the 90s.

In 2005 he took part in the "Kefaya" (enough) movement demonstrations opposed to Moubarak regime, and in...
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