SAT 22 - 10 - 2016
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Oct 21, 2016
Syria army urges residents to quit Aleppo
UN to begin evacuations from Aleppo if truce holds
Iraqi special forces join Mosul offensive against Daesh
Hariri backs Aoun to protect Lebanon
Powerful Tunisian union threatens strike, calls protests over budget
Saudi coalition violated law with Yemen funeral strike: UN monitors
Mosul fighting forces 5,640 Iraqis to flee their homes: IOM
Arms deals with Europe, Israel fuel South Sudan war: UN
Egypt's government announces austerity measures
EU drops sanctions threat against Russia over Syria
Abbas calls for Fatah, PLO elections
Russia pauses Aleppo bombing 11 hours for four days, UN wants more
Turkish military says it killed 18 Kurdish militants in Iraq and southeast
Oct 13, 2016
Rescue workers says two days of bombing kill 145 in rebel-held eastern Aleppo
World powers to try again for Syria ceasefire
HRW accuses Saudi-led coalition of war crimes in Yemen
Officials say US missiles destroy radar sites on Yemen coast
One girl under 15 married every seven seconds
Humanitarian disaster threatens Mosul
Assad says hopes Russia can change Turkey's policy towards Syria
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