THU 26 - 11 - 2015
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Nov 24, 2015
Turkey downs Russian fighter jet near Syria border
Mideast violence won’t end with defeating ISIS
Told he must go, Assad may outlast Obama in office
Manama denies torture accusations
Algeria to try former counterterrorism chief
UAE blames Islamists for delay in anti-Houthi operations
Lebanon: Hariri begins drive to end presidential deadlock
Nov 18, 2015
U.S., Turkey to finish securing border with Syria: Kerry
Victory at Iraq’s Sinjar aided by ISIS flight
Hadi returns to Aden from exile in Saudi Arabia
New UN Libya envoy to restart unity government talks
Russia steps up Syria airstrikes, offers France cooperation after bomb confirmation
Morocco says expels Dutch reporter over 'lack of accreditation'
Ban on Israeli Islamist group risks backlash
Lebanon: Rival leaders agree to revive Cabinet, confront terrorism
Nov 12, 2015
Syria talks to decide who to craft war-torn country's future
Text of Russia’s draft proposals on Syrian crisis
Bahrain opposition figure jailed on incitement charges, BNA reports
Lebanon: Crisis averted on House session as cool minds prevail
Iraqi forces brace for urban warfare
Sisi says won’t let the lights go out in Sharm el-Sheikh
Dubai police deny links to UAE national held in Libya
Nov 11, 2015
Syrian army breaks ISIS siege of key Aleppo air base
Russia calls for a new Syrian constitution in 18 months
Egypt releases prominent rights activist
Houthis not serious about peace talks: Yemen foreign minister
Abadi reforms hindered by divisions in shadow of ISIS threat
Lebanon: Power-sharing system challenged by Parliament row
Nov 2, 2015
ISIS takes Syrian town as fighting looks set to intensify
Obama crosses own red line with Syrian deployment
U.N. envoy expects Yemen talks by mid-November
Egypt has prevented scores from travelling: rights group
Moallem welcomes Vienna statement on Syria
South Sudan rebels release 13 U.N. contractors, official says
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