TUE 17 - 1 - 2017
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Jan 16, 2017
Syrian rebels to attend Kazakhstan talks: rebel officials
Clashes grip flashpoint area near Damascus
Building torched as Bahrain Shiites protest executions
Jordan king reshuffles Cabinet, keeps PM
Local Daesh fighters direct Mosul front line
Fighter jet for Haftar’s forces shot down over Benghazi
Egypt drops case against mob that attacked Christian woman
Kuwait MPs file to question minister over sports ban
Sudan extends ceasefire by six months
Russia to upgrade its naval, air bases in Syria: Interfax
Lebanon: Aoun insists on new vote law but Berri skeptical
Lebanon: Democratic Gathering to start tour on vote law
Jan 13, 2017
U.S. sanctions Syria officials over chemical weapons attacks
Iraqi forces reach second Mosul bridge, enter university complex: military
Syria activists urge U.N. to cite war crimes
Over 16,000 civilians killed in Iraq in 2016: report
Tunisian police fire tear gas at protesters demanding jobs
Libya ministry seizures a hoax, U.N.-backed PM says
Jordan seeks $7.6 billion over 3 years for Syria refugees
France says Syria talks must convene quickly under United Nations
Human rights deteriorated in Lebanon in 2016: HRW
Lebanon: Parliament to meet but key bills missing
Jan 9, 2017
Assad says ready to discuss everything, vows to take back all Syria
Iraqi special forces reach Tigris in Mosul
At least 68 killed near Yemen’s Bab al-Mandab
Tunisians protest against returning militants
Eight Egyptian police killed in attack in north Sinai
Lebanon: Aoun calls for Parliament session to speed vote law
Jan 4, 2017
Syria rebels suspend talks over alleged regime truce violations
Number of displaced in Mosul op passes 125,000: UN
Turkey's Erdogan says offensive on Syria's al-Bab to be finished soon
Yazidi NGO says Iraq HQ closed by Kurdish forces
Three Yemeni soldiers killed in offensive against al-Qaeda: sources
Iraqi journalist kidnapped in Baghdad has been released
Abadi: Opponents spreading fake news of bombings
Tunisia dismantles 'terrorist cell' in growing crackdown
Libya strongman says Russia to fight arms embargo
Lebanon Cabinet approves long-awaited offshore decrees
Jan 3, 2017
Syrian army advances as rebels put peace talks on hold
UN: At least 6,878 civilians killed in Iraq violence in 2016
Deputy leader of Libya's U.N.-backed government resigns
US-led strikes in Iraq, Syria have killed at least 188 civilians - US military
Egypt judge hangs himself amid graft scandal
Aoun to head to Saudi Arabia next week: report
Bodies of Lebanese slain in Istanbul attack return home
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