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Apr 20, 2017
Syria evacuations resume after deadly bombing
Sarin or similar used in Idlib attack: chemical weapons watchdog
Algeria Islamists erase women’s faces from election posters, draw ire
Pentagon chief warns of Yemen 'Hezbollah'
Yemeni protestors march on key port to demand humanitarian zone
Syria evacuees stuck at site of deadly bombing
Lebanon: Mounting opposition buries Bassil’s vote law pitch
Apr 18, 2017
Syria government forces on the offensive in central Hama province
Iraqi forces fight door-to-door in Mosul as battles enters seventh month
Trump promised Turkey's Erdogan close cooperation on Syria, Iraq, PKK
International Support Group for Lebanon urges greater efforts for new vote law
Suspected US coalition airstrikes kill 23 in east Syria: activists
UN: Nearly half a million Iraqis have fled Mosul fighting
Wartime economic crisis threatens education of millions of Yemeni children: UN
Russia says plans a meeting with US, UN on Syria in Geneva: agencies
Apr 15, 2017
Russia, Iran and Syria issue warning to US
Syrian army moves to tame rebellious Damascus districts
Canada announces sanctions against key Syrian officials
U.N.'s World Food Program says three porters killed in South Sudan
Rebel court sentences Yemen journalist to death
Lebanon: Rivals set to intensify efforts to break vote law deadlock
Apr 10, 2017
Russia and Iran affirm commitment to Assad
U.S. strike: Just a ‘slap on the wrist’ for Assad?
Who has chemical weapons in Syria and how?
Egypt's cabinet approves three-month state of emergency
Trump officials say no new US focus on ousting Syria's Assad
Gunfire erupts in South Sudan's Wau, residents fear ethnic militias
Lebanon: Officials scramble to avoid parliamentary crisis
Apr 8, 2017
US strikes destroyed Syrian means to deliver chemical weapons: admiral
Warplanes strike Syrian town hit by chemical attack
US threatens more pressure on Syria after missile strikes
Syria strike sends message, carries risks
Algeria tries to motivate voters ahead of poll
Egyptians recount sexual harassment, angering conservatives
Lebanon: Hariri optimistic on new vote law deal, open to proportional
Hundreds leave Syria rebel district under deal: state media
Two Al-Qaeda suspects killed in Yemen drone strike
Baghdad says U.S. pledges continued support for Iraq's war against ISIS
World response to U.S. military action reflects divide over Syria
Apr 5, 2017
Britain, France, US present UN draft resolution on Syria chemical attack
Arab League chief says Syria attack 'major crime'
Warplanes mount fresh airstrikes in Idlib area: Syrian Observatory
Yemen forces prepare to move on port despite civilian risk
Spain seizes property worth $735 million linked to Syrian Rifaat Assad
Iraq’s anti-corruption head who just can’t walk away
Assad testing US administration with Syria chemical attack, France says
White House condemns Syria chemical attack, blames Assad
UN: 40-50 years needed to clear weapons in Iraq and Syria
DJ to be charged after Tunisia call to prayer remix
Lebanon speaker warns of vacuum if technical extension rejected
Lebanon: Questions, pitfalls on road to new electoral law
Apr 3, 2017
Forces repel Daesh attack near Syria dam
Bahrain cuts opposition chief's jail term: judicial source
Egypt court overturns islands transfer halt
Syrians flee Raqqa ‘hell’ as assault nears
Daesh deputy said killed in airstrike
US-led strikes 'likely' caused 229 civilian deaths since 2014: Pentagon
EU sees no future for Assad in Syria: foreign ministers
Lebanon: Speaker Nabih Berri says vote law deadlock 'critical'
Apr 1, 2017
De Mistura’s fate now part of the game
U.S.-backed Raqqa offensive will last months, commander says
White House says US must accept 'political reality' in Syria
As Mosul fighting rages, a family tries to come back home
U.N. agency suspends Gaza missions after Hamas restrictions
Libya says EU naval operation 'encourages' migrants
'Lebanon has become a refugee camp': Hariri
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