TUE 26 - 7 - 2016
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Jul 26, 2016
Syria government advances on rebels in Aleppo: activists
Kerry says hopes to reveal cooperation plan with Russia on Syria in August
Libya conflict keeps children out of school
Jul 25, 2016
Kerry’s plan with Russia faces skeptics
Intense airstrikes in Aleppo province hit five clinics
Suicide attack in Baghdad kills at least 14 people
Libya loyalists take Daesh bomb factory in Sirte
Jul 23, 2016
Clashes in Manbij after Daesh snubs exit offer
Iraq's Karbala votes for return of displaced people
Libyan forces report gains against Daesh in battle for Sirte
Car bomb explodes near mosque in Yemen's Sanaa
ISIS uses civilians as human shields in Syrian city: coalition
Split in S.Sudan opposition threatens more turmoil
Lebanon: 2017 state budget still has to clear major hurdles
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The ANSD: Terrorism and repression of citizens no longer work
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