FRI 26 - 8 - 2016
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Aug 24, 2016
U.S. to provide air cover for Turkey's Jarablus operation -senior U.S. official
Syria Kurds win battle with regime
Iraq forces launch push to retake town south of Mosul
US urges Americans to leave Gaza 'as soon as possible'
Saudi Arabia foils attack on Shiite mosque in Qatif: media
South Sudan opposition leader in Khartoum for treatment, Sudan says
Only natural for Syrian regime to participate in talks -Turkey deputy PM
Lebanon: FPM boycott won't stop Cabinet from meeting Thursday
Aug 22, 2016
Kurdish militia launches assault to evict Syrian army from key city of Hasaka
Libyan forces say they capture mosque, prison from ISIS in Sirte
Iraq executes 36 for 2014 Daesh massacre
Tunisian PM names govt, appoints new finance minister
Fundamentalists gain ground in Algeria, new mosques built
S.Sudan VP holds talks in first Khartoum visit
Aug 11, 2016
Syrian rescue worker says 3 die in suspected chlorine attack
Desperate Aleppo doctors appeal to Obama for help
Libya pro-govt forces seize Daesh HQ in Sirte
Lebanon: Berri clings to talks, package deal despite dialogue failure
UN says to help Iraq tackle rampant corruption
Tunisian PM tries to break reform curse
Russia announces daily cease-fires in Aleppo
Coalition jets strike Yemen despite international concerns
Sunni militias join Iraqi forces poised to take back Mosul
Aug 10, 2016
Turkey building 'strong mechanism' with Russia on Syria: foreign minister
Regime forces, allies pound Aleppo; rebels deny setbacks
Anti-Daesh campaign enters third year
Iraqi court dismisses corruption case against parliament speaker
Air raids again target Yemen’s capital
Imam killed in Morocco after mentally ill man attacks mosque
Oman criticizes newspaper after editor-in-chief detained
Sudan rebels sign AU-brokered peace road map
Putin, Erdogan move toward mending fences
Egypt bars police from talking to the media
Aug 9, 2016
Syrians brace for crucial Aleppo battle
Two million at risk of siege in Syria's Aleppo: UN
Iraq’s reviled parliament mired in turmoil
Mosul residents feel relief, anxiety as ‘liberation’ nears
Libyan govt forces close in on IS jihadists in Sirte
Tunisia local polls will not be held on time: commission
Lebanon tallies another fruitless presidential election
Aug 8, 2016
Syria army redeploys as rebels battle to retake Aleppo
Rebels start battle to free Aleppo
Libya unity forces prepare decisive assault in Sirte
Iraqis flee Mosul campaign for packed and underequipped camp
Daesh discovers then destroys treasures
Saudi-led coalition launches 30 airstrikes in Yemen: residents
Lebanon: Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri still has faith in national dialogue
Aug 4, 2016
Syrian govt forces hit hospitals in Aleppo's 'worst week': rights group
U.N. ‘extremely’ concerned for children as Aleppo violence rages
Obama to talk ISIS fight at Pentagon as US expands Libya role
Internet disruption at Bahrain rally site deliberate: report
Coalition pounds Daesh in Saddam palace
Tunisia president names Youssef Chahed, 40, as PM-designate
Egyptian Mubarak-era tycoon gives up 75 pct of wealth in reconciliation deal
Lebanon: Vote law joins presidency on the shelf
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