MON 31 - 8 - 2015
In the News
Aug 25, 2015
Middle Eastern leaders flock to Moscow for Syrian talks, aerospace salon
ISIS carries out new chemical weapons attack in Syria
U.S., Turkey to launch anti-ISIS air operation
Tunisia’s young democracy stumbles under terror threat
Bahrain activist pleads not guilty as trial opens
Lebanon: Salam says to make trash decision during Cabinet meet
Sistani plays major role in Iraq reform drive
Iraq: Sadr calls for protests against corruption
ISIS razing of Roman temple a war crime: U.N.
Libyan general says forces fighting ISIS lack weapons
Abbas rival calls for his ouster
Aug 19, 2015
Syrian regime retakes four villages on strategic plain
US denounces new Egyptian counterterrorism law
More than 1,000 children killed, wounded in Yemen conflict: UN
Diplomatic efforts to halt Syria conflict
Libya, Egypt seek aid against ISIS ‘terrorism’
Maliki rejects blame for fall of Mosul
Iraq PM visits oilfield to reassure Lukoil amid protests
Lebanon: Cabinet tensions to be exacerbated by NY visit
Aug 17, 2015
Regime air raids near Damascus kill more than 80 people
Iraqi panel blames Maliki, others for fall of Mosul
Pro-Hadi forces advance in Yemen’s third city
Kuwait issues gag order after raid on suspected terror cell
ISIS executes rival fighters after revolt in central Libya
Egypt’s deposed President Morsi appeals death sentence
Lebanon: Assir arrest yields trove of security secrets
Aug 13, 2015
UN statement on Syria delayed over Venezuela objections
Syrian rebel fire, regime airstrikes kill 36 in Damascus
Libya PM threat to quit deepens Libya chaos
Iraq prime minister sacks Cabinet officials
Yemeni president arrives in United Arab Emirates for talks
Bahrain to try figure for incitement to topple govt
South Sudan rebel general rejects interim government with Kiir, Machar
Egypt frees pro-Morsi politician after two years pre-trial detention
Libyan factions end talks with pledge to clinch deal within weeks
Aug 10, 2015
Attack on Syrian rebels raises questions about training
Insurgents retake villages on Syrian plain vital to Assad
Yemen loyalists retake key city of Zinjibar
Iraqi premier offers plan to trim criticized government
Lavrov: U.S. must work with Assad to fight ISIS
Iraqi Christians who fled ISIS in limbo
ISIS top command dominated by ex-officers in Saddam’s army
U.S. deploys F-16s to Turkey for ISIS fight
Aug 5, 2015
Turkey says comprehensive battle against ISIS to be launched soon
Anti-Houthi fighters gain in south Yemen
Nusra captures five more U.S.-trained rebels
Over 1,500 schools damaged or destroyed in Iraq’s Anbar
Kuwait mosque attack suspect admits being in ISIS
Firing of generals raises fear of return to Algerian strife
Gadhafi loyalists stage rare protest in eastern Libya
Aug 4, 2015
US uses air power to support beleaguered Syrian allies
Pro-Hadi fighters recapture largest military base
Syria army jet crashes in town, 31 dead
Iraqi Kurdish leader vows to avenge Yazidis
US adds companies, individuals to Syria sanctions list
Jewish extremist head arrested after anti-Arab violence: police
Sudan offers guarantees for rebels to attend Khartoum talks
Aug 3, 2015
Syria regime retakes ground near Latakia
Saleh says Yemen leader Hadi should be tried for treason
Iraqi Kurdish leader vows to take Sinjar from ISIS
Five killed in clashes near oil port in eastern Libya: medics
UAE prosecutor refers 41 to trial on terror charges
Lebanon: Berri: I wouldn't vote for Aoun
UN agency for Palestinians says school closures loom
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