TUE 28 - 7 - 2015
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Jul 28, 2015
Turkey, U.S. aim for safe zone cleared of ISIS in Syria
Clashes rock Jobar, airstrikes pound Douma
Coalition jets hit pro-govt Yemen forces in error: military
U.N. closes Iraq health programs
Two Bahraini policemen killed in bombing: Interior Ministry
Yemen violence persists as truce unravels
Syrian Kurds capture town from ISIS in north: activists
Tunisia overwhelmingly passes anti-terror law
Algeria replaces three senior security officials
Lebanon: Salam postpones vital Cabinet session
Jul 24, 2015
Turkish jets strike 3 ISIS positions in Syria: PM's office
Syria’s two main opposition groups agree on road map
Tunisia approves death penalty for ‘terror crimes’
Iraq deploys coalition-trained troops to Ramadi for first time
Morocco 'homosexual assault' trial adjourned until August
Two killed in new push by Libya's eastern government forces in Benghazi
Yemen’s ex-president in rare talks with UAE, U.S., U.K.
Lebanon Cabinet fails to agree on trash solution, postpones discussions to Tuesday
Jul 23, 2015
Syria raids on ISIS village kills 13 civilians
Hadi loyalists retake Aden palace, aid arrives by air
Tunisian lawmakers debate new anti-terror bill amid extremist threat
Egypt jails and fines Mubarak ex-premier for corruption
Bomb attacks in Baghdad, Diyala kill at least 30
Court sentences Al-Jazeera’s Faisal Kassem to death
UN warns lack of aid may drive Iraqis to extremist group
Yemen's ex-president in talks to resolve war-party official
Militant Kurds kill 'ISIS fighter' in Istanbul: reports
Prospects for Cabinet session gloomy
Jul 22, 2015
Turkish man, 20, carried out Syria border bombing: official
Syria rebels rain rockets on Shiite villages
UN envoy says deeply concerned by Zabadani battle
U.N. ship brings food aid to Aden as fighting rages
Dozens killed in tribal clashes in biggest city in southern Libya
Wanted Egyptian militant urges jihad against Sisi: SITE
Kuwait DNA tests violate right to privacy: HRW
Lebanon presidential election in Iran’s hands: Jumblatt
Jul 11, 2015
Syria rebels face tough fight for Deraa, Aleppo
Kidnapped Franciscan priest released in Syria
Saudi-led coalition strike Yemen rebels after UN truce begins: witnesses
Iraq’s Shiite militias target Fallujah as first step in campaign to retake Anbar
Algeria says 38 arrested over deadly ethnic violence
Tunisian forces kill five suspected extremists
Nasrallah: Future-FPM talks key to Cabinet fix
Almost 5,500 Tunisians in jihadi ranks: UN experts
Jordan reporter detained for allegedly violating gag order
Jul 9, 2015
Syrian Kurds reclaim town from ISIS: activists
Iraq court sentences 24 to hang over Tikrit massacre
Arab-Berber unrest in Algeria leaves 22 dead
Yemen government agrees to conditional truce
Tunisia fears wave of terrorist attacks: Essebsi
Watching Libya’s hopes fade from a front-row seat
Syria's neighbors now host 4 million of its refugees, U.N. says
A secret to ISIS success: shock troops who fight to the death
Lebanon: Under protest threat, Cabinet faces tense session
Jul 7, 2015
Syrian Kurds retake northern villages from ISIS: activists
Airstrikes and combat kill 176 in Yemen, highest daily toll so far
Obama: Assad must go for war to end
Iraqi fighter jet accidentally bombs Baghdad, 12 killed
Yemen government raises prospect of truce
Saudi Arabia says arrests brothers linked to ISIS bombing in Kuwait
Jordan says it has foiled Iran-backed bomb attack
Tunisia coast guard recovers bodies of five migrants
In Syria and Iraq, ISIS courts Sunni tribes with carrot and stick
Jul 6, 2015
ISIS recaptures town from Kurdish forces
Egypt to reconsider parts of controversial anti-terror draft law
ISIS suicide bombers strike in Beiji
Saudi-led strikes on Yemen hit party HQ of Houthi ally Saleh
Coalition steps up airstrikes on ISIS in Raqqa
New details emerge about Tunisia gunman’s past
Jul 4, 2015
Syrian army bombards rebels trying to seize Aleppo
Airstrike kills senior ISIS leader in Syria: Pentagon
Turkey reinforces border with Syria
Islamic State's Egypt affiliate says it fired rockets at Israel: statement
Sunni outreach expanding at Anbar base: U.S.
Britain, Tunisia honor 38 victims of beach resort attack
Kuwaitis signal unity with joint prayers
Civilian killed at Cairo protest on anniversary of Morsi ouster
Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen cities kill 16: Houthis
Sunnis, Shiites hold joint prayers in Bahrain
US Treasury guarantees bond issue by Jordan, rare form of aid
Lebanon: Cabinet poised for new clash as Aoun calls for protests
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